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Not currently a popular destination, Pakistan is a Muslim country with a population about 130 million. Now that the US have quietened things down in the region. Pakistan is reasonably safe to visit, though we advise that you be alert in all situations and aware of the politics, keep away from likely trouble spots and see Pakistans great range of scenery and activities from beach to alps, with a great diversity of landscapes.

Urdu the national language is spoken and undestand in the whole country and English the lingua franca of the educated, Pakistani elite and most government ministries. Other provicial languages like Panjabi in Panjab, Sindhi in Sindh Baluchi in Baluchistan, and Pashto in NWFP/North West frontier provinc/ are commonly spoken in these provinces.

In public, women have to dress modestly, (be well covered, no short skirts, shorts or revealing tops). Dress like a nun to be safe especially in the outer regions, and men are also expected to wear shirts and trousers. Many of the Pakistani women are very beautiful & the men very hot, sex is considered a taboo outside of marriage and there are strict moral codes enforceable by beatings and jail for the population.

Food is good, spicy and without spice, crime exists - take sensible precautions, conform outwardly to Pakistani values and you will find travel is easy and in all a great place for a holiday

Karachi  is probably the biggest city of Pakistan, a harbourside city with a range of nightlife, for the elite and guests.

Adult activity in Pakistan is hidden away in this very moral society. You will find some entertainment, in the hotels of the big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, or Lahore, but there are no public gaming clubs with poker machines, strip clubs, brothels, escorts or street hookers., they only exist in hidden places, or in some international restaurants or hotels. (You will find a good selection of girls advertised in Adult friend finder.)

Prostitution is illegal in Pakistan, it exists in private houses without any any advertising. The police are often bribed to ignore or protect.. For tourists visiting Pakistan, the rule is do not get caught, and if you are caught breaking social/moral codes, the police may let you off after a dose of embarrassment and a fee, you have to be very careful.  Rickshaw drivers are good to ask as they have the local knowledge, ask about Salma's and Farida's in Karachi - give us your opinion. prices are reported to be from US$3. to around $200 for a classy girl to your hotel room.

With the morality, do take your own condoms as they are not as readily available as in the west.

Islamic law was re-introduced in 1990. "Pakistani civil law punishes those who have gay sex with two years to life in prison, while Islamic law, which also can be enforced legally, calls for up to 100 lashes or death by stoning."

Arrests and trials do not occur as the law is largely irrelevant to life in Pakistan, those acting in its name are not….. Police recurrently take money and/or sex from those they know to be involved in same-sex sex (commercial or not). (Pakistan by Stephen O Murray and Badruddin Khan in "Societal Control of Homosexuality".)

Getting there, you will find flights from major European and Asian cities and now that relations with India have been normalised, the India - Pakistan border is once again open.

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