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Are you planning a sex vacation, or would you like to get laid on your holiday without any unpleasant consequences? We are putting together these pages to serve as a guide and welcome your comments on countries you have visited.

PussyIn all countries you will find a wide range of sexual services and the risk of HIV is moderate to high, so where ever you go, remember to pack your condoms.

Just as you are not likely introduce an escort to your parents, escorts world wide are most often seen as social outcasts, and you may suffer embarrassment if you take them to any place where there are families and children, as escorts are tolerated, exploited and rarely welcome.

Sex workers play an important role in the community by helping to relieve the stresses that build up around sex. Traditionally men have paid for sex, now the demand for escorts by women is growing rapidly as women become more affluent and really free to choose.

As the roles between men and women become more equal, as we are getting how to relax and talk about sex, and as that there is no proof to sustain the argument that sexual knowledge and permissiveness has any detrimental affects on civilisation as the moralists would have us believe.

We think that escorts and sex workers should be accepted and given equal status and influence in the community, so they can at least pay taxes like other workers, they are not dangerous and add a little colour and spice to our towns where something more than just a good wank is enough. The sex industry workers are sexually well educated (out of necessity), with an acute perspective of many social problems which need to be heard: - listen and respect.

As crime is on the increase, and human life less valued, in all countries we suggest if you value your life and safety, purchase your sex where the danger is minimal unless of course you like living beyond the edge, and your life insurance is paid up. Usually a chat to your hotel porter/concierge will help give you more local information as will many taxi drivers.

Browse by country:

Australia - great nightlife, legal red light areas in most cities.
New Zealand - affordable, get laid daily,  and a great adventure tourism destination. NZ sex laws.

South America
Brazil - turn up the heat

Malaysia - Malaysian Hotel Guide
Pakistan - sexually secretive and still a fantastic tour destination
Thailand - Sex info - Travel info

USA - Accommodation - Escorts

Berlin – The Beate Uhse Erotik-Museum boasts a tasteful display of sex through the ages, from India to Japan and beyond, plus an entire floor devoted to the history of sex toys. The museum shop is considered the largest "sex store" in the world.

Paris – When the Musee de l’erotisme opened, one statesman remarked, "We take sex seriously in France and it’s about time we had a museum dedicated to it." Well said, monsieur. The museum focuses on the art of sex, concentrating on modern works and fewer cultural histories. Although Paris has its must-see attractions, this landmark should top that list.

Copenhagen – Don't miss the Museum Erotica, "a rich cross-section that illustrates the history of erotic expression." Enjoy some of the world's finest erotic paintings and sculptures, and a chance to glimpse into the sex lives of cultural luminaries such as Hans Christian Andersen, Jacqueline Kennedy and many others

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