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By Jazmin Lampan

The city of four seasons in one day
You know what that means - Melbourne is a large Australian city and has much to offer in the way of women, and four kinds in one day is pretty good going! There are a lot of nationalities here and if you have a special requirement, you are sure to find it within the confines of this marvellous city. Melbourne has a lot to offer, not just with sexual services, but with the aesthetics - it is nice to look at as well as to be in, the ambience is genuine and there is a great deal of atmosphere during the days and nights. There is always something to do here, and the shopping is excellent. Melbourne has a reputation in Australia for being very laid back, cool and relaxed compared to, say, racey Sydney or sleepy Brisbane.

What can I expect?
Anything! As usual services ranges from excellent to poor indeed. It seems a lot easier to get bareback blow jobs here, which will delight some of you. Melbourne offers a great range of high quality establishments who have a reputation for being fairly relaxed, and it is a good, clean, safe place to be entertained. The general trend is that if you are nice, you get much, much more in the way of french kissing, bareback oral and general intimacy. This is fairly standard but is more pronounced here. Australian girls are very friendly and open, and sex is not much of a social issue and is definitely not taboo. Aussies are pretty relaxed about just about everything and there are men for the ladies or any combination desired.

Strip Clubs
There are loads of strip bars and clubs in Melbourne, one of the best quality deserving a mention is The Spearmint Rhino. The girls have a reputation for being almost model-quality in the looks department. It is not unheard of for the dancers to go a little further than was entirely necessary in some of the clubs here, and hey, money talks! There are plenty of clubs to choose from.

Where do I find the girls?
The Daily Planet in Elstenwick is Melbourne's largest and most famous brothel and you will find a large range of girls here. It is now floated on the stock exchange, and is the first brothel to ever do so. The Boardroom is also very popular, it was awarded Australia's Best Brothel - worth a visit to check, I suspect! St. Kilda is a popular area for street walkers though this is illegal in Victoria. They mostly have drug problems so the service can be a bit shabby (they have usually been rejected by brothels) - they are keen to get their next hit so don't really take the time, but if that's what your after this is the place to go. There are also a few near the Westgate Freeway. Western Suburbs brothels have a reputation for very average quality girls, but of course these change constantly so you never can tell.

There are a number of establishments, mainly Asian, who have a red light outside in the street - there are many of these such places along Tope Street, which is just a few minutes walk from popular York Street, where there are also many red lights. For all the brothels in Melbourne the best place to look is the yellow pages online, or in print. They have a section under Massage Parlours and Escorts. Escorts sites or a quick search in google will find many as well. The large newspapers also have a section in them for brothels and private girls to advertise.

Is it illegal?
It is legal to operate brothels in Victoria, but illegal to sell sex on the streets. Sometimes they have a lot of police making a night of it, so to speak, with vans putting girls and their clients inside them and taking them to the police station. You won't get bothered at a brothel or a strip club. It is illegal in Australia to touch girls in strip clubs as it then counts as prostitution - they are quite strict about this though there are always girls who break the rules. If you are caught touching a girl you will be removed from the premises and not allowed back in - you are threatening someone's livelihood!

How much?
You will normally pay A$220 for an hour, but of course it can go as low as A$30 for individual services, and if you opt for high class, you pay much, much more. In the case of A$220, half goes to the girl and half to the house. This is very standard and you won't find too much variance around Melbourne, though the Asian places tend to cost less, which is also fairly standard.

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