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Romania is emerging as a great tourist destination and where the sex trade is an important part of the national economy and overall is a little less expensive to visit than other parts of Europe.

Adriana says cum, look ito my blue eyes...In Bucharest the capital city you will find an excellent selection of hotels, restaurants, live floor shows, nightclubs, a casino, gaming halls and discos as well as a variety of very beautiful women or men to escort you on your tour and warm your bed at night. Romanian girls are much sought after by brothel owners in other parts of Europe.

Romania has hot summers and very cold winters with lots of snow from mid December - end of March. The Carpathian Mountains cross Romania from the north to the southwest. (Mt. Moldoveanu at 2544 m or 8346 ft is the tallest peak) In the mountains, Poiana Brasov is a popular winter ski resort with year around recreation from forest walks and climbing, and Mt Postavarul resort has many ski slopes.

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