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By Jazmin Lampan

The Beautiful Pacific Islands
The Pacific Islands are not particularly a wonderful sexual paradise, this much is certain. The service and range are somewhat inconsistent, with the culture of sex still not really out in the open here. On the other hand, the sex industry is as lucrative as in any other place, and is thriving. Supply and demand still works the same way here.

Missionary Please!
The invasion by missionaries has seen to it that overall, people are still very modest about sex here, and prostitution is tolerated, but don’t flaunt it – they will take great pleasure in making a song and dance about it for the publics sake – they are catching these naughty people who are uprooting the morals of a good and Christian society!

Foreigners, when caught in some raid or another frequently get their face in the paper, though locals do not. It is not otherwise a dangerous place to engage in activities. They are very strict on underage girls though, obviously with good reason, and if you are caught with one, you will more than likely end up in jail for 15 years or so. Normal age of consent is 18.

How much will I be expected to pay?
You will pay around F$20 - $40 for an hour or two, and this will get you almost anything you want. F$100 will get you a night with a girl. It is often reported that some girls charge extra to have the lights on, or for other menial ‘services’, which will come as a surprise to most of you. This may or may not be some kind of scam, or simply due to inexperience, which there seems to be a lot of around here. Best you decide for yourself! Always come to arrangements before you get caught out.

Fiji is a fairly poor country, with the average weekly wage resting at a low F$70 – so you can see how far your ‘contribution’ of F$40 goes. The people are very friendly and willing to help any way they can, for things other than your sexual satisfaction, such as making the most of the beautiful islands and their many activities. It is a nice - and now much cheaper - place to go on holiday.

What can I expect?
Services are often provided by inexperienced girls and you can never be too sure of what to expect. If you go to some hotels and bars, you will find them full of amateurs, and there will be no discussion of money, just an assumption. So, tread carefully! Generally speaking you won’t have to approach girls, they will come to you.

Due to the high racial and political tensions, there are a higher number of desperate people – lots of prostitutes, certainly, but also lots of their men friends hiding around the corner with knives. Most of these attacks are entirely unpreventable, so being careful really won’t make a difference, though like mother, I will say be careful! Keep your eyes open, your wallet as empty as you can and any valuables somewhere else. This is reasonably rare, but as with every country, there are always some nasties loitering around waiting to take advantage of foreigners.

The HIV infection rate is higher than it would seem here, with many of the infected people being totally unaware of this fact. Sex education is provided, but again, the missionary influence here has kept many people in the dark about the spread of disease. If you are coming here thinking, “oh great, lots of safe girls,” think again.

There are not many street walkers here, and you will find many transvestites. There used to be a lot more action than there is now. There have been some recent crackdowns on prostitution, and they are attempting to “clean up” the common areas of “unseemly behaviour” though the most they can charge anyone with is loitering in a common area.

Behind the post office, the Dominion Hotel, Queens Road (halfway to the airport), near the corner of Ragg Street, and around Ed’s Bar are the best spots. The nightlife here is not as developed as in Suva, but you will still find much to do.

In Nadi town centre, the Caribbean Jungle nightclub, next to the Nadi Hotel, provides many girls who aren’t full-timers – usually inexperienced amateurs, topping up their weekly income. In the daytime, Island Massage on the corner of Main Street and Andrews Road is worth a look. It is an actual massage parlour, but the girls are usually interested in meeting up with you later. There is no sex on the premises.

The Capricorn and Victoria Parade in the downtown area are popular places for streetwalkers, as well as near the Anglican Church, Sukuna Park and outside most bars and clubs. Behind the post office is also popular. There are a lot of girls just standing around here.

Suburbs have also seen a rise in street walkers, with the busiest seeming to be Samabula. Most girls are ethnic Fijian, though you will find mixes of Indian and other Polynesian and occasionally European as well.

If you want to buy condoms after hours, try the Penicutt Motel. The rooms are about F$10 for an hour, though is on the seedy side. This is average, and rooms around Fiji range from F$7 to F$13 for an hour.

Laucala Beach.
If you have a little more cash to spend, Luacala Beach, 5km from the centre of Suva, is another good spot for finding pretty girls. Here, if you just stand around eventually you will be approached, and taken to a beach house where there are 30 – 40 girls. You can get 2 girls for F$75 for the day.

Overall, not a great sex destination, but if you happen to find yourself here, well, you could get stuck in worse places!

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