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Brazil is famous for it's wild sex life, particularly Rio de Janeiro, which some say has already overtaken Thailand's long-running title of Best Sex Destination.  Brazilians are certainly hot;  the temperatures in the high 30's and high humidity takes care of that. Check out the videos down the page for good reasons to visit Brazil...

Rio de Janeiro
By Jazmin Lampan

Turn the heat up!
The culture here is very different to what most of us are used to - tongue kissing is considered to be flirting, and if they find you attractive, you get lots of kisses!  These Portuguese-speaking people are world-renowned for their love of parties and of course their sexually broad-minded culture.  As far as 3rd world countries go, Brazil is right up there for beautiful landscapes as well as very friendly, fun, gorgeous people.

When's the best time to go?
On arrival in Rio de Janeiro, you will be engulfed in the heat first - if you arrive for Carnaval, get ready for a week-long, hot, sweaty, crazy party!  If you like parades and festivals then Carnaval is a great time to visit this beautiful country, but if you hate crowds then best to leave it to the off-season.  Carnaval is a very expensive time to visit Brazil, the cost for a room/bed triples or quadruples over this period (February 6 - February 14).

For the sex tourist, it is better to go in the off-season, because in summer, the brothels and clubs tend to be packed to capacity all the time and the prices are higher - it can be uncomfortable and annoying to have to wait for rooms and service, bumping bums with other tongue wagging gringo’s.  (In Brazil being called a gringo simply means 'A Foreigner', though in the rest of South America, gringo is a derogatory term usually reserved for North Americans.)

Beautiful bodies?  Yes Please!
Rio de Janeiro is known for having a 'body-beautiful' culture, more so than other Brazilian cities.  An everyday sight on the beaches are buffed toned men and women - excellent perving for everyone.  There is also a 'gay section' on Ipanema beach, you will see the rainbow flags (and lots of beautiful gay men).  The beaches are mostly all crowded with tourists - therefore high prices for food and drinks.  Rio is a tourist city, especially the more popular beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema.  You can spot the freshly arrived tourists as they stand out like a white chocolate raisin in amongst the dark chocolate pack. 

What else is in Rio?
Some other attractions in Rio are the Corcavado Christ statue, which stands tall on a mountain overlooking the city.  The other must-see things to do here is go up to Sugar Loaf mountain in the cable car for a great view – Rio is nestled picturesquely between tall hills, and is a very beautiful city.  The coast line is very nice, though you will find that a lot of the beaches have a film of something akin to coca-cola floating on the top.  A ride on almost any bus will give you a great view of the city, local style.  They travel quickly, and vehicles rule the road – if you step out, you will get run over.

A fabulous thing to see is the favellas – they are amazing little villages where the poorest people live, and also many wealthy drug lords and their merry men.  A tour around these interesting places will give you an insight into Brazilian people you wouldn’t normally get.  The guides are locals and know the places and people well, so don’t be afraid and don’t feel voyeuristic!  The money from your ticket helps them in community centres, and they like to sell you their artwork and jewellery.  Definitely worth a visit, though most of the locals will wonder why you would want to do such a thing!  None of them would venture into this no-go-zone, but it’s actually one of the safest places in Rio to be – all the thieves live here, but they try not to shit in their own nests - the drug lords run a tight ship and punishment for crimes is swift and brutal.

Will I get arrested?
Prostitution is illegal in Brazil, but as with most places, this rule doesn't actually apply unless the police are going to benefit financially from arresting you, which they do regularly.  Since most normal Brazilians are very poor, they try their hardest to scam money out of anyone they can, tourists being the prime target.  They are the ones with all the money.

The police will simply arrest you and bribe more money out of you.  The good thing about this is that you can always wrangle your way out of a charge (such as drugs) but it will cost you. If you compare the few hundred Reais you will pay to spending time in jail or the equivalent amount of money it would cost you back home to do such a thing, consider it a cheap escape, if somewhat inconvenient.

How much will I pay for sex?
The sex in Brazil, like everything else, is cheap.  The currency is Reais (pronounced Hay-eyes) and it is usually worth double New Zealand or Australian dollars - you double your money on arrival.  Brazil faces huge financial problems, their economy is usually terrible and it is easy to see the problems this causes for normal Brazilians.  There are a lot of beggars, and generally you will get overcharged compared to locals.  Not surprisingly, the sex industry is flourishing, and is a popular destination for the male sex tourist due to the reputation it holds - fantastically beautiful women who absolutely love entertaining men! 

The women here have a reputation for being stunningly gorgeous, beautiful brown bodies and with a lust for sex.  They can be often found giving bare-back blow jobs, most allow anal sex and the cost for their services is always negotiable.   The prices have gone up over the last 10 years, but you can expect to pay from R$50 - R$300 for sex.  There are a lot of transvestites here as well, and they do not necessarily have a large bobbing Adams apple declaring this fact! 

There is usually a door fee of around R$40, but this varies.  A girl for an hour will be around R$90, but if you are on a very tight budget there are many places where you can be entertained for R$50 or less.  As usual, you get what you pay for, Brazil is no different, excepting that overall what you pay is peanuts.  The standard of effort and beauty is generally high.

This video shows why Brazil is so popular and you can see many more in the videos

Valeria Valenssa Carnaval Brazil 2006.

Video provided by Metacafe

Where do I find girls?
There are many good ways to find girls here, the most popular being a special 'night club', such as the most famous Help (not on the highly recommended list!), on Copacabana beach. In such a club, there are loads of girls and they look like normal girls, and a lot of them are - the line between prostitute and normal girls here is blurred.  You can pick up a girl, and go back to your hotel with her to find she asks for a 'gift' after sex.

Be aware that some hotels do not allow prostitutes up to the rooms, for security purposes.  Check with your hotel first.  The girl will be required to leave her identification at the front desk and fill out a form.  You will usually have to pay an extra fee (usually around R$30) to take a girl up to your room.  Everyone wants a cut of your tourist dollar!

There are many bordellos (brothels), or Termas.  Terma, literally, means bathhouse, and inside one of these (usually) nicely decorated, clean and well run places you can find lots of girls, whom will request an overpriced drink - over which you can talk to them and choose one you like.  There are many around Copacabana Beach, and Ipanema Beach, one of the most famous being Centurions or B.  They are well known for their beautiful girls and good atmosphere.  You pay for the room, and then the girls on top of that.  Payment is required when you leave, and you hand in your wrist tag.  Lockers are provided for your things, just be careful where you keep the key!

At a lot of places, the girls get a cut out of the drink you buy them which is why they are overpriced.  They don't usually speak English, and many times you will find that the managers at the clubs don't speak English either, which means you will more than likely get overcharged. This applies everywhere, not just in brothels! General advice is, learn a little Portuguese so at least you can negotiate prices and communicate with Brazilians - like most of us they appreciate an effort being made to learn a little local lingo.

Do I need to speak Portuguese?
It helps, but is not essential.  Most Brazilians speak a little English that they learn from TV and school, but don't count on it!  Just be aware that Brazilian Portuguese sounds quite different to Portugal Portuguese.  A good pocket-book with actual useful phrases in it is Lonely Planet's Brazilian Portuguese Phrasebook.  It deals with situations such as these, and with some humour provides appropriate things to say such as, "oh my god!" or "touch me here". Definitely a good pre-travel purchase.

Brazil is a very beautiful country, and Brazilians are warm, friendly people who smile a lot - they welcome visitors, and are normally as helpful as possible.  Being poor doesn't mean being miserable, and they illustrate this point perfectly.  A great place to visit, and a 'have to see before I die' destination for everyone.

In Rio we recommend The Rio Copa Hotel. Only 10 minutes from the national airport and downtown Sambdromo- site of the carnival parade. It is 20 minutes from the international airport and just 200 meters from Leme and Copacabana beach. The most popular tourist sights- Sugar Loaf and Corcovado or the Christ statue- are nearby.

The Hot Beaches of Brazil

Video provided by Metacafe

Adult Services
The Brazillian emergency numbers are:
Policia / Police 190, Ambulancia/ Ambulance 192, Bombeiros / Fire Department 193
US Government safety advice


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