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By Jazmin

Where do I find girls?
You can find some on this website. Look up the New Zealand Truth and TV magazine, which has advertisements for private girls and clubs. The yellow pages (online, or in print) under escort agencies or massage parlours lists almost everything there is available. Or, just walk into one of the many brothels around Auckland. There is no cover charge for entering.

The Best Brothels
The two best brothels in Auckland are Femme Fatale and the Pelican Club. They both compare equally to each other with selection, quality, service and price (the girls often swap). The facilities are very good, clean and nicely decorated. They also both do outcalls.

There are about 15 girls on per shift, with weekends housing up to 30 girls on a shift. Emily’s ‘Bar and Girl’ also has a wide variety of girls, though the facilities are not as good as the other two.

Other Brothels
There are a large number of Asian brothels, which seem to come and go regularly and many of these are illegally operated out of apartments. There are many smaller brothels which may only have a couple of girls on at a time, and service and quality are all of a very variable nature. And these are all on the ‘townies’ side of the bridge… Over the bridge you will find more small brothels, for the wealthier inhabitants of the North Shore.

K-Road (Karangahape Road) at the top of Queen Street in the CBD is the red light district, where you will find peep shows, street walkers, strip clubs, gay bars, sex shops and all the other red-light-worthy things that accompany this part of town. Be careful at night as there are drug dealers and some unsavoury characters lurking around here. There are also (many Polynesian) transvestites here.

Strip Clubs
The White House is a large strip club, with private dancers, choreographed strip shows, and strip-o-grams, and is centrally located near the Sky Tower. There is also a brothel downstairs. Showgirls is another big club, down on Customs Street, near the viaduct.

There used to be a Showboys right next door to Showgirls, especially for the ladies, but it has since (very disappointingly!) closed down. There is not much selection here, but if you want private strippers or some for parties there are plenty of them in the yellow pages under adult entertainment.

And for the ladies?
There are a few gigolo services for women (and gay/bi men), though of course they are much harder to find. The internet is your best bet.

What can I expect to find here?
It is easy to find anal sex, many girls in brothels do this, though always check first. It is normally charged as an extra. There is no rushing, because in most places you pay for time, one hour is standard. What you do in that hour is up to you, and you can do what you want as many times as you want and can. Kissing and mutual oral sex are often no problem. Condom-less oral is not the norm, but also not that difficult to find. Money usually talks loudly.

What can I expect to pay?
For Femme Fatale or the Pelican Club, you will pay around NZ$190 for one hour with the girl of your choice in a very clean, reasonably large, decorated room. Other places vary but this is the standard figure. Asian clubs, as usual, charge less. The smaller brothels can charge for individual services. There is no cover charges to enter brothels, and no obligation.

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