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Sensual Massage

And Sex

Desktop Strippers for Your ComputerAlmost any massage which includes massaging the erogenous zones is going to arouse your sexual energy and a good massage before sex can help improve overall enjoyment and increase stamina and sensitivity.

How you manage being turned on sexually is totally up to you and depends on what sort of massage you are having and what you have agreed to with the therapist.

With a Tantric massage, the therapist will most often not massage or touch your genitals on the first treatment, just send you away turned ont. Consequent sessions may get you more turned on until such time, the therapist who really is a sexual healer, determines that you are ready. So practice the art of containment.

With sensual massage some therapists will also provide sexual relief from a hand job, to full intercourse. No two therapists will do the same. Always ask for what you can get before treatment commences.

As a therapist I enjoy seeing a client get really turned on and appreciate them more if they can contain that energy and not start trying to massage me back or just feel me up. Jax.

Still confused?

  • Massage is not sex
  • Massage can turn you on
  • Massage is not primarily for sexual gratification
  • If you just want sexual gratification - a hand job or a fuck, go to a massage parlor, where it is unlikely you will actually get a massage.

In this massage, the recipient does not have to respond
beyond what her body wants and the giver know she can have her turn later
whereas guys simply want to jump right in there.. ,

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